10 Easy Ways To Reduce Daily Plastic Usage

by Gretchen Lim December 07, 2018

10 Easy Ways To Reduce Daily Plastic Usage

We've known for many years on how plastic took a huge toll on our planet. It impacted a huge problem in land and especially our oceans, putting marine animals at risk. 

Here are ways on how you can help. Learn 10 simple ways on how you can reduce your daily usage of plastic. These ideas are part of our daily activities that we may often don’t give much attention to.

  1. The use of reusable bags
    I’m sure you have noticed these Shopping tote bags when you go to grocery stores and shopping malls. These bags are now highly recommended to be used. Bring your own reusable bag when you do your shopping or grocery - They're stylish too!

    Get this sea turtle floral bag here. 

  2. Metal/Bamboo/Paper Straw
    Have you heard of this new trend that has become popular recently? - the use of metal/bamboo/paper straw. The use of plastic straw is now gradually being eliminated in some Fast-Food Chains, Restaurants, and other 
    Convenience stores. - You can purchase these straws and say bye-bye to single-use straws. 

  3. Only buy products that are boxed
    When you do your grocery trips, only buy those products that are in the box. Avoid buying products that are packed in plastics. I know this is hard :( Many companies leave us with no choice because they only package their products in plastics. Good news is, companies like LUSH and BITE have emerged with their packageless-plastic shampoo, soaps, toothpaste and conditioner - yay for them!
    Boxed products

  4. Use water bottles instead of plastic bottles.
    Disposable plastic water bottles has been very convenient for us. However, they're one of the biggest source of plastics. Next time you go out, bring reusable water bottles instead of buying a disposable water bottles in stores. Your not only saving the environment, but your also saving money!

  5. Bring your own utensils
    Do you always eat out? If possible, bring your own utensils so you won’t be able to use those disposable plastic utensils that fast-food restaurants usually provide. And also, when you do take-outs, you can ask the crew not to include the plastic utensils.

  6. Use bamboo-made accessories
    Have you heard of those bamboo-made accessories like the bamboo sunglasses, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo bike, bamboo watch, and etc? You can replace your accessories with these to promote a eco-friendly lifestyle.

  7. Buy in bulk
    In case it’s inevitable to avoid the use of plastic bags, I would suggest that you buy in bulk when you do your groceries. This would help lessen the use of plastic bags.

  8. Avoid buying disposable products
    Nowadays, most of the products that we can buy at the grocery stores are disposable. For example the razor that we use for shaving. Instead of buying those disposable packs, we could buy those razor with replaceable blades. It may cost more, but it will be for a long-term use.

  9. Reusable glass containers for food storage
    For food storage, we can use those reusable glass containers. Avoid using those plastic containers to store your food, especially for your leftovers.

  10. Get the hang of wire/wood clothing hanger
    We use hanger to organize or clothes and keep them from getting wrinkled. But because of the abundance of plastic hangers because they cost cheap, many people are using it. We can easily make a difference if we use those wire/wood clothing hangers. The pros in using wire/wood clothing hangers, they can last a very long time. It’s very durable and they don’t easily break.  

Gretchen Lim
Gretchen Lim


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